UPM Kaukas mill

UPM Kaukas mill
​​The UPM Kaukas mill is located on the shore of Lake Saimaa in Lappeenranta in South East Finland.

The integrated Kaukas plant consists of the pulp mill, a mill producing magazine paper, a sawmill, a biorefinery producing wood-based diesel, and UPM's research centre.
UPM Kaukas mill


UPM Kaukas pulp mill
Kaukaantie 16
FI-53200 Lappeenranta
Tel. +358 2041 5161
E-mail: info.kaukas@upm.com

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In brief

UPM Kaukas mill
​Annual capacity: 740,000 tonnes of hardwood and softwood pulp.
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UPM Kaukas mill employees

​Personnel at the pulp mill: 260 employees. Altogether 1,000 UPM employees work at the Kaukas mill site which integrates the production of sawn timber, pulp, paper, energy and biofuels. Also UPM's Lappeenranta R&D centre is located at the mill site.

​Besides pulp, the Kaukas pulp mill produces biomass based electricity, biochemicals, soap and crude tall oil as a production residue.

The mill generates more energy than it uses. The surplus electricity is sold to the national grid.

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​Noteworthy facts

​The UPM Kaukas site is a prime example of the added value of integrated Biorefining operations where we create eco-efficient products, bioenergy and high-tech bio-innovations from wood raw material.

The Kaukas mill site hosts the world's first biorefinery that produces UPM BioVerno, the wood-based, advanced renewable diesel made of crude tall oil, which is a residue of pulp production. Read more on UPM Biofuels >>
UPM BioVerno
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Environmental Product Declarations
and Carbon Footprint Information

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We have all major certificates:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
  • EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
  • Food Safety Management System ISO 22000
  • Energy Efficiency System (EES+)
  • PEFCTM and FSCR Chain of Custody

 These and more can be found in Certificate Finder »

Environmental Statements (EMAS)

UPM Kaukas EMAS 2016