UPM Kymi mill

UPM Kymi mill
​The UPM Kymi mill is located along the River Kymi in Kouvola, in South East Finland. The integrated Kymi mill includes a pulp mill and a fine paper mill.

Kymi's new recovery boiler started operations in 2008, oxygen delignification of the hardwood production line in 2012, and the new pulp drying machine in 2015.
UPM Kymi mill


UPM Kymi pulp mill
Selluntie 1
FI-45700 Kuusankoski
Tel. +358 2041 5121
E-mail: info.kymi@upm.com

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In brief

UPM Kymi mill
UPM Kymi mill
​Annual capacity: 870,000 tonnes of hardwood and softwood pulp.
UPM Kymi mill

​Personnel at the pulp mill: 230 employees.
Daily 600 employees work at the Kymi mill site in different operations ranging from production and maintenance to wood sourcing and logistics.

Kymi mill - biobased energy

​Besides pulp, the Kymi pulp mill produces biomass based electricity, biochemicals, soap and crude tall oil as a production residue. The mill generates more energy than it uses. The surplus electricity is sold to the national grid.

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​Noteworthy facts

​​In 2015, UPM completed its EUR 160 million investment in the expansion of Kymi mill's pulp production capacity by 170,000 tonnes to 700,000 tonnes of bleached northern softwood and birch pulp. The expansion included a new pulp drying machine, modernisation of the softwood fibre line, and a new debarking plant.

In July 2016, Kymi kicked off a further expansion project targeting a pulp production increase of 170,000 tonnes annually. The MEUR 98 investment was completed at the end of 2017 and the mill's pulp production capacity increased to 870,000 tonnes annually.

UPM Kymi mill
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Environmental Product Declarations
and Carbon Footprint Information

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We have all major certificates:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
  • Food Safety Management System ISO 22000
  • Energy Efficiency System (EES+)
  • PEFCTM and FSCR Chain-of-Custody

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Environmental Statements (EMAS)

UPM Kymi EMAS 2016