Who we are

​Pulp and paper are the heart of UPM. For over 100 years we have been in the forefront of development continuously pushing for new ideas. All this gathered in-house experience is at your disposal when finding the most suitable pulp for your products.

Our aim for continuous improvement strives us to look for efficient and synergistic solutions in daily operations at the same time when investigating new business opportunities.

​Our values motivate and guide us in all operations

UPM Values: Trust and be trusted
UPM Values: Achieve together
UPM Values: Renew with courage
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​UPM Biorefining adds value to biomass

​UPM Pulp business is part of UPM Biorefining Business Area which combines integrated production of pulp, renewable diesel, sawn timber and energy with a joint supply chain of wood raw materials. In 2015, UPM Biorefining's sales amounted to 2,272 million euros. Watch our Biorefining video »
​Sawmills have a central role in the wood supply chain, as their by-product sawn dust is used in the production of pulp whereas bark is used in energy generation.

Pulp mills produce renewable energy in their recovery boilers and thus provide CO2-neutral biomass-based electricity.
​As a residue of pulp production, our Finnish mills produce crude tall oil, which is the raw material used in the world’s first industrial scale biorefinery producing advanced wood-based renewable diesel, UPM BioVerno, in the Kaukas mill site in Lappeenranta, Finland. Read more in www.upmbiofuels.com »
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More with Biofore

​Biofore is a new industry category UPM has created to describe the future of the company based on the integration of bio and forest industries. Watch the video »
​Bio stands for future orientation, sustainable solutions and good environmental performance. Fore stands for forest and the company’s position at the forefront of development.

Our success in being the Biofore Company and leading the industry is driven by innovation, dedication and safe and sustainable operations. We look at the forest and our existing business with new eyes.
​The Biofore thinking is engrained in our daily work. In addition to pulp itself, a modern pulp mill is a treasure trove of wood-based, renewable possibilities such as new bio-materials, fuel and energy.

Besides looking ahead, Biofore tells about our aim to create more with less. The efficient use of raw material and energy brings savings in terms of costs and the environment. 

Over the last ten years years we have significantly improved our existing mill processes and developed new ones to reduce our environmental impact in terms of water, climate and raw materials.

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Chemical oxygen demand (COD) load 
-50% per tonne of pulp

Wastewater volumes
-20% per tonne of pulp

Water consumption
-30% per tonne of pulp




Our pulp mills have turned from
energy buyers to energy sellers
SO2 emissions
-75% per tonne of pulp




Certified fibre level exceeds
80% (+ 50% in 10 years)