Wood sourcing you can rely on

Wood sourcing

​We want to ensure you have high quality pulp available when you need it. This is why we have built a steady source of wood for our mills. This takes a lot of planning, expertise, effort and care.

Wood is the essence of our business and that is why we want to ensure its availability in the long term. We are committed to sustainable forest management and harvesting practices based on internationally accepted principles. We only use wood from responsibly managed forests and plantations.

Forest certification and Chain of Custody are just some of the many tools we use to make sure that you can use  responsibly sourced and legal raw materials in your products.

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​Wood from neighbours and partners

Wood from neighbours and partners
​UPM Metsä, our own sourcing organisation, procures pulp wood mainly from domestic private forests and company-owned forests for our mills in Finland. Wood is procured as close as possible to the mill that will use it.

UPM Metsä also provides forest services to maintain healthy forests and to ensure that they will be renewed properly after harvesting.

In Uruguay, UPM Forestal Oriental supplies pulp wood for the Fray Bentos mill from well-managed eucalyptus plantations. About two thirds come from UPM's own certified eucaplyptus plantations and one third is supplied from the local farmers. 

UPM Forestal Oriental - Annual report 2016 (Spanish)

​Income and opportunities for landowners and entrepreneurs

As a large forestry operator UPM's activities create significant income to a variety of actors in the forestry value chain reaching from forest owners to harvesting and transport entrepreneurs and related service providers all the way to the pulp mills in Finland and Uruguay.

In Uruguay, UPM Forestal Oriental promotes multiple uses of forest resources, often integrating neighbours and communities. Cattle grazing, beekeeping, seed production and projects aiming at increased efficiency and productivity in agriculture are part of the activities integrated to forest plantations.

Income and opportunities for landowners and entrepreneurs

High level of forest certification

High level of forest certification
​​While only about 10% of the world's forests are certified, more than 80% of the wood we use falls under one or both of the two international forest certification schemes FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC™ (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

All of UPM's own forests in Finland are PEFC certified and partly also FSC certified. All of our forest plantations in Uruguay are certified to both FSC and PEFC.
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We are committed to responsible forestry

We are committed to responsible forestry

​While we use millions of tonnes of wood annually to make pulp, at the same time we also plant millions of trees with quality seedlings from our own nurseries in Finland and Uruguay. The nurseries ensure the long-term availability of high-quality seeds and seedlings.

UPM's unique global Biodiversity Programme aims to maintain and increase forest biodiversity, to ensure efficient wood production, and to promote best practices in sustainable forestry. 

In Uruguay, we cooperate with local landowners within the Fomento programme that promotes sustainable forestry as one way to diversify the land use through sustainable plantation forestry.

​UPM Joroinen nursery

Our Joroinen nursery alone, located at Finland's Lake District, produces 20 million seedlings each year for our own and private forest owners' use.

​Two nurseries in Uruguay

UPM Forestal Oriental's nurseries in Quichón and Paysandú ensure long-term availability of high-quality eucalyptus wood to supply the Fray Bentos pulp mill. Seedlings from the nurseries are used both in UPM’s own and third parties' lands within the Fomento programme.

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