Pulp products

Let’s find the best pulp for your product. Let us know what attributes you require and we will have a suggestion for your furnish.

We offer a comprehensive set of hardwood and softwood pulp grades for demanding tissue, specialty paper, board, printing and writing paper and other innovative end-uses to a global market.

If you have any questions about our pulps, contact our sales team. We are happy to help.

UPM EucaUPM BetulaUPM Conifer
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Choose your pulp

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​UPM Pulp Product portfolio



​Bleached Eucalyptus


​UPM Euca 

Plantation-based eucalyptus pulp from our Fray Bentos mill in Uruguay.
UPM Euca technical data

Northern Bleached Birch Kraft

​UPM Betula

Birch pulp produced at our three Finnish mills Kaukas, Kymi and Pietarsaari.
UPM Betula Kaukas technical data
UPM Betula Kymi technical data
UPM Betula Pietarsaari technical data

UPM Betula TCF

Totally chlorine-free birch pulp from our Pietarsaari mill.
UPM Betula TCF technical data

Northern Bleached Softwood
NBSK ​ ​ ​

​​UPM Conifer Reinforcement

A premium class northern softwood pulp from our Kaukas mill.
UPM Conifer Reinforcement technical data

UPM Conifer

Northern softwood pulp produced at all our Finnish mills Kaukas, Kymi and Pietarsaari
UPM Conifer Kymi technical data
UPM Conifer Pietarsaari technical data          

​UPM Conifer Thin

Northern softwood pulp produced at all of our Finnish mills from our Pietarsaari mill
UPM Conifer Thin technical data

​UPM Conifer TCF

Totally chlorine-free softwood pulp from our Pietarsaari mill
UPM Conifer TCF technical data

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​Pulp in everyday life

At home

Starting your morning at home, your breakfast table is full of pulp-based products. You may like to read the local newspaper and brew a cup of coffee or tea using filters made of pulp. Cereal and juice boxes, bread and cheese wrappings, even labels on fruits are made of pulp. Pulp is also used in surprising applications, such as a binder substance in vitamins and pharmaceuticals.

Napkins, handkerchiefs, paper towels and kitchen towels are pulp products, too. And if you have small children, you are familiar with baby wipes and diapers for their personal hygiene. All manufactured from pulp.

At work

If you drive to work, your car has several filters produced from pulp. Pulp can also be used as an innovative, new raw material for car components. If you use public transportation, you may have time to read a chapter or two from a printed book or a magazine. Made of recycled paper or not, they contain pulp.

The paperless office is still a thing of the future. You probably use print outs, Post-it notes and envelopes daily.

​At leisure

After a hard day at the office, you might go shopping. The majority of products at your local supermarket have carton board packaging of some sort. It is used for promoting the product and keeping it intact. Many brands prefer paper carrier bags, which you carry home and can reuse for numerous purposes afterwards.

Did you have a refreshing ice-cream cone or a coffee at the mall while shopping? Pulp-based binding materials are used in ice-creams and other foodstuffs, and paper cups are made of pulp. Even your favourite wine has an elaborate label on the bottle. You guessed it – made of pulp.