The investment project at the UPM Kymi pulp mill is proceeding on schedule - mill's new debarking plant is running

(UPM Kymi, 25.6.2015) – The investment project of EUR 160 million at the Kymi pulp mill has proceeded on schedule. Of several new production lines under construction, the debarking line was the first to be put into operation at the beginning of June. The new line is being used to debark and chip birch.

The debarking plant consists of a de-icing conveyor, a drum, a chipping line, a bark handling system and several conveyors. It is similar to the old plant. The new debarking plant is located in the immediate vicinity of the old debarking plant, and the plants have a joint control room.

Finishing work is still being performed in the debarking plant area. A new electric hoist will be introduced in autumn. The device will be used to feed logs to both debarking plants.

According to Tero Ojala, the head of the Kymi-700 project, the large investment project has gone as planned. Mechanical-, piping- and electrical installations are ongoing at the new drying machine construction site. The drying machine will start up at the end of September. The changes caused by the modernization of the fibre line will be integrated into production in August. The workforce on site is currently around 550 people.

Kymi’s annual pulp production capacity will increase by 170,000 tonnes to 700,000 tonnes of bleached northern softwood and birch pulp. The investment at Kymi mill will comprise a new pulp drying machine, modernization of the softwood fibre line, a new debarking plant as well as improvements in the energy balance of the Kymi integrate consisting of pulp and paper mills. The project began in spring 2014.

More information from:
General Manager Markku Laaksonen, UPM Kymi, tel. 0400 754 649,
Project Director Tero Ojala, UPM Kymi-700 project, tel. 040 7033817,