Meet you in Shanghai

​It’s mid-March and all eyes are on China, the largest pulp market in the world. Once again leading suppliers and buyers will gather for the annual Shanghai Pulp Week.

Shanghai Pulp Week has quickly solidified its position as one of the top events in the international pulp calendar. The week typically comprises of private meetings between pulp sellers and buyers where they discuss market dynamics, commercial agreements and plans for the year. UPM together with its Fibre United partner Canfor traditionally invite customers for a dinner to jointly celebrate the start of a new year.

Meet you in Shanghai

Shanghai Pulp Week also offers a great chance to gain first-hand information about the developments in the Chinese market. Spread throughout the week, the China Paper & Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce (CPICC) hosts numerous events, and on Thursday consultancy company Hawkins Wright stages its famous symposium now for the sixth time.

Doing business, networking and learning

Once demand for imported pulp started its stellar rise in China, the idea of organising yearly gatherings for pulp and paper professionals began brewing. Tom Wright, Managing Director of Hawkins Wright, looks back at the time when they first got involved with the arrangements for regular pulp events in China.

“At first we collaborated with a Chinese company called CFI Consulting in 2006–2010. Back then, the event used to change location each year. After CFI retired we decided to continue and establish our own event that would always stay in Shanghai.”

In 2013 the current format of Shanghai Pulp Week was born. Since then the event has grown each year.

“I think we have reached the sweet spot in terms of size. We focus on quality as well as a high level of information tailored to fi t the needs of the participants,” Wright says.

In 2015 CPICC further broadened and enrichened the Shanghai Pulp Week offering. Formed by the biggest Chinese paper companies, CPICC aims to support global pulp suppliers and service providers to enter the China market and, in return, Chinese paper producers to understand the international pulp business.

Today Shanghai Pulp Week brings together all the leading international pulp, paper, machinery, raw materials, trading, logistics and financial companies. “Shanghai is a nice combination of strengthening social ties, arranging business contracts and updating one’s knowledge,” Wright explains.