Our cooperation with Canfor Pulp helps you to optimise your fibre mix

Fibre United - UPM and Canfor Pulp

​Through our sales cooperation with the Canadian Canfor Pulp you have a unique chance to benefit from the most versatile range of pulps in the market as well as the techncial know-how of two pulp and paper heavyweights.

We sell Canfor Pulp’s products in Europe and China, whereas Canfor Pulp’s sales network sell our pulp products in North America and Japan. We provide you the world’s widest selection of hardwood and softwood pulps with six grades supplied from eight mills on three continents. For more information, contact our sales team »
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The pulps from Canfor Pulp

​Premium Reinforcing Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft

One of the strongest wood fibres in the world for printing and writing papers, specialty papers and tissue.

Unbleached Kraft Pulps (UBE & UBK)

UBE is ideal for electrical applications and UBK for specialty end-uses such as fibre cement.

Bleached Chemical Thermo Mechanical Pulp

High yield BCTMP grade for board, printing and writing papers and specialty papers.

Fibre United - UPM and Canfor Pulp
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8 reasons why we are able to boost your competitiveness

​1. Enhanced pulp offering

Make the most of our unrivalled range of pulp.
The wide selection of pulp is composed of
northern softwood and Birch pulps as well as southern
Eucalyptus pulp.

2. Strong technical proposition

We focus on Total Fibre Optimization. We offer
a suite of pulps based on your needs, whether
you want better runnability, enhanced product qualities
or cost savings. Let’s find the best possible range of
pulps for you!

3. Combined power of UPM and Canfor Pulp service

Tap into our vast pool of knowledge. Backed up by
both UPM and Canfor Pulp’s research organizations,
we are happy to offer technical assistance for all your pulp
and paper-related questions.

4. We make it easy for you

Our sales representatives offer an easy and flexible way
to purchase both Canfor Pulp and UPM’s fibres. Just
contact your regular sales person and we’ll take it from there.

5. Direct-to-market sales in all main regions

Our new sales approach enables faster response
times with direct access to us. How can we be of

6. Join us at the forefront of sustainability

Now you can also benefit from UPM and Canfor
Pulp’s long-term sustainability approach. We minimize
the environmental impact of our products and activities so
you can, too.

7. Reliable and consistent

We are established operators in the pulp market and
here for the long term. We are committed to supplying
you with the pulp you want, when you want it and in
perfect condition.

8. Ready to grow with you

No matter if you are a small, specialized company, a
medium-sized operator or a rapidly growing business, we
are able to provide the raw material and expertise you need.