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All-round service at your fingertips

UPM Pulp has technical customer service manned by local UPM experts in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. They serve you in various product related questions as well as in technical analysis and studies.

Our technical service professionals work in close cooperation with sales, mills and UPM's global R&D network benefiting from their modern research laboratories in China, Finland and Uruguay. 

At each of our three pulp mills in Finland and the Fray Bentos mill in Uruguay there are technical service experts dedicated to meet all customer needs next to the production line.

We help you proactively to find the solutions you need in all end-uses. Our experts offer advice on the technical characteristics and features of your pulps and furnishes. We help you achieve cost and energy savings by optimising your refining. In addition to solving issues relating directly to products, we support you in trials and studies.

Together we can find new ways for you to stay ahead of the competition. 

​If you have a technical question, don’t hesitate to contact us

Mats Backman  Mats Backman
Technical Customer Service
Tel. +358 40 5852776
Niklas Keskinen ​Niklas Keskinen
Technical Customer Service Manager, Finland
Tel. +358 40 5852781
Roberto Mirande  Roberto Mirande        
Technical Customer Service Manager, Europe
Tel. +49 621 862765113
Harri Haapanen​
Technical Customer Service Manager, Europe
Tel +49 172 8568939
Lily ZhouLili Zhou
Technical Customer Service Manager, APAC
Tel. +86 21 64485565
Xu Wenxia ​Xu Wenxia
Technical Customer Service Manager, APAC
Tel. +86 21 64485565
​All e-mail addresses are in firstname.lastname@upm.com format.

​Our local technical support


c/o 23/F Grand Gateway Tower2
No.3 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai
China 200030


Q7, 24
68161 Mannheim

Technical services: Latin America

Latin America

UPM Fray Bentos
Ruta Puente Puerto Km 307
65000 Fray Bentos

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​Better value through research and development

​UPM's competence centre for eucalyptus research in the Fray Bentos mill focuses on the research of eucalyptus species and their impact on end product properties.



Our Eucalyptus Grandis and Eucalyptus Dunnii species have been developed in close cooperation with customers based on their requirements. The former fibre provides fast refinability, good tensile strength, excellent optical properties and formation, while the latter provides high bulk and internal strength.

In plantation operations in Uruguay, we have prioritised our tree breeding programme and aim to develop new frost-tolerant eucalyptus clones in order to create more value and improve productivity.

UPM is seeking business development and innovation in various bioeconomy projects through collaboration. The special focus areas are new biobased products, development of by-product utilisation, resource efficiency and circular economy.

Our side stream efficiency research is looking for solutions to better utilise the side streams of our pulp and paper production; sludge, ash, various rejects and waste heat. The aim is to reduce costs and increase the value of side streams by finding new business opportunities in industrial symbioses.

In the UPM Kaukas mill, studies have been done to produce biogas from sludge in co-operation with the Lappeenranta city experts and other external partners. Fertilizer development and nutrient recirculation is also part of our circular economy solutions. Other studies relate to new end uses for ash in construction applications.