Responsibility is constantly present in our daily operations. This is why we include the whole value chain to our approach: from sustainably managed commercial forests and eucalyptus plantations all the way to consumers who ultimately use their products made from pulp. We want to give you the best chance to make a big impression.

See how we combine economic, environmental and social factors forming the base of sustainable business in the long term. Watch the video »

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​Our wood comes from responsibly managed forests

​The forests are the source of our most important raw material – wood. The forests also play a crucial role in sustaining life on earth. To ensure the availability of fully traceable and legal wood, we are committed to promoting responsible management and continuous renewal. Read more »
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Efficient pulp production

A pulp mill has an impact on the surrounding environment. It’s up to our people and their expertise to mitigate that impact by means of the best available technologies. We are geared to using the least amount of resources. And the majority of water, raw materials and chemicals we use are recycled back into the pulp making process or used in bioenergy production. Read more »

Read more about UPM’s approach to circular economy »

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​Continuous dialogue with the stakeholders

​Our operations affect the people within and outside of the mill walls. We want to be a good, safety-driven employer. We also want to be a responsible community member taking an active role in the local economy. We listen to what our stakeholders have to say and involve them in the action. Read more »
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​Proven and certified responsibility

​We base our actions on trust and transparency. We believe that third party recognition is the most powerful and reliable proof of responsible operations. Our performance information from a single product all the way to the corporate level is readily available and always validated by esteemed independent organisations. Read more »
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​While only about 10% of the world’s forests are certified, more than 77% of the wood we use falls under one or both of the two international forest certification schemes FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC™ (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

We have all major certificates:
PEFCTM CoC, FSCR CoC, ISO 14001, EMAS, OHSAS 18001, product safety etc. They can be found through our Certificate Finder » 
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​How sustainable is your pulp supplier?

​We have created the Pulp Supplier Sustainability Scorecard to support you in evaluating the sustainability of your pulp supply. It’s a transparent indicator measuring the sustainability of pulp in four categories: wood raw material, mill operations, stakeholder engagement and verified proof of performance on a scale of poor to outstanding.

Pulp Supplier Sustainability Scorecard (pdf) »
UPM Pulp Environmental Rules (pdf) »