Responsibility in raw materials

​Wood is a natural raw material for pulp. We only use wood from suppliers who take good care of their forests and recognise the future importance of forested areas. Watch the video »

​You can count on us only using wood from responsibly managed forests and plantations to manufacture pulp. We are committed to sustainable forest management and harvesting practices based on internationally accepted principles. This means systematic renewal of forests and fostering their health.

Our tracing system and chain of custody model cover the requirements for both PEFCTM and FSC® forest schemes. We trace and verify the origin and legality of all wood raw material worldwide.

In Finland our own wood sourcing organisation, UPM Metsä, procures pulp wood mainly from domestic private forests and company-owned forests.

In Uruguay all pulp wood for the Fray Bentos mill comes from well-managed local eucalyptus plantations – 70% from UPM’s own forest plantations.

Learn more about UPM’s sustainable forestry in our fact sheet »

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​Ecosystem services

The forests provide a wide range of benefits that make life on earth possible. A typical Finnish, responsibly managed commercial forested area roughly the size of a tennis court takes about 80 years to grow enough wood to produce a tonne of pulp. During that time the forest:

Cleans over
8 million litres
of water

​Stores over 4,000
kilograms of carbon
from the air

​Provides food and
habitat for hundreds
of species

This makes a well-maintained commercial forest the most effective and sustainable way to use land. In addition to material benefits, the forests help to mitigate the effects of the climate change and uphold biodiversity. Forested areas are also great places to relax and get inspired.
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​We promote biodiversity

​UPM’s Global Biodiversity Program aims to maintain and increase biodiversity in forests and in the wood supply chain. We plant millions of trees each year under forest management plans spanning up to 50 years in length.

Our Fomento programme, for example, in Uruguay focuses on cooperation with local private landowners to encourage them to diversify their land use through sustainable plantation forestry.

We also work in partnership with organisations such as WWF, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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​New Generation Plantations

​​​We participate in developing, applying and promoting WWF’s New Generation Plantations Project. These forest plantations maintain the ecosystem’s integrity, protect high conservation values and are developed through effective stakeholder participation, while contributing to economic growth and employment.

The project’s target is to promote key features of healthy, diverse and multi-functional forest landscapes, compatible with biodiversity conservation and human needs. UPM has been one of the key members of the project since it began in 2008.

Read what is currently happening with the New Generation Plantations. »

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