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This is UPM Pulp

We want you to succeed. We combine efficient production with the most comprehensive product range of sustainably produced hardwood and softwood pulps, a dynamic sales force, localised technical support and service, and supply reliability through our long term logistics partners. ​


UPM Pulp in brief

3.7 million t/a
production capacity
modern pulp mills
customers in selected markets
UPM Pulp


  • A unique set of hardwood and softwood pulps
  • Responsible partner and supplier of sustainable pulp
  • Part of the UPM Biorefining Business Area
  • One of UPM’s growth businesses

Global megatrends drive the demand for pulp

Global megatrends drive increasing demand for tissue, hygiene, packaging and specialty paper products made from pulp. To meet the needs of consumers around the world, the demand for bleached chemical market pulp will continue to grow steadily.

Population growth, urbanisation, ageing

Resource scarcity, role of renewables

Digitalisation, e-commerce

Climate change

Responsibility and compliance

We offer value through limitless opportunities of bioeconomy

Estimates show 2 billion new middle-class consumers in the world by 2030. This will raise the bar for businesses when it comes to responsibility, integrity and use of resources. Answering consumer demand growth with sustainable and safe solutions such as pulp provides limitless opportunities for UPM today and in the future.

We offer value through limitless opportunities of bioeconomy