DIY UPM Snowflake

Decorating your house for Christmas is an age-old tradition. Paper has been a key part in making homes ready for the festive season. And even though there are beautiful factory-manufactured decorations available, many still hold dear the original, do-it-yourself decorations from their childhood.


One of the most beloved DIY Christmas decorations is the paper snowflake. You can make your own super stylish UPM Pulp snowflake in just a few easy steps.

Download the snowflake template here.



How to make your UPM snowflake

1) Print the template in A3 or A4.
2) Fold the paper following the guidelines.
3) Make sure the folds are tight.
4) Use scissors to cut out the parts marked in grey.
5) Rotate the folded paper for easier access to the different angles.
6) Use a craft knife to finish the corners.
7) Carefully open the folds to reveal your finished snowflake.
8) Share your snowflake with us using the hashtag #upmsnowflakes.


Download the snowflake template in Chinese here