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Call of the wild

UPM Forest’s Mikael Bäckman spends his winters in Ylläs, in Finnish Lapland running husky safaris for tourists with his wife. What started out as a pastime, turned into a sport, and eventually, even a business.



DIY origami pig

Chinese New Year is celebrated by millions of people around the world. This year it falls on February 4th. As 2019 is the year of the Pig, what better way could there be to ring in the new year than by making your very own origami pig!



Chinese New Year

In 2019, Chinese New Year falls on February 5th and marks the start to the Year of the Pig. With more than 3000 years of history, it is now celebrated by over one-fifth of the world’s population and involves the largest human migration on the planet.



DIY UPM Snowflake

One of the most beloved DIY Christmas decorations is the paper snowflake. You can make you own super stylish UPM Pulp snowflake in just a few easy steps.



Forest for Life

Forests have an important role in many UPMers’ lives outside of work as well as at work. For Simo, the forest is a place to feel calm, get into shape and get life into balance.



Paper is an inspiring material – and the future of packaging

In the age of increasing demand for sustainability, where is the future of the packaging industry? One answer could be in the Finnish forest, as a group of German packaging engineering students discovered.



Red flower of remembrance

Some 50 million red paper flowers, poppies, are produced this year as a symbolic gesture of remembrance for fallen soldiers. The paper used in poppies is manufactured by James Cropper in the UK and the pulp comes from UPM Kaukas pulp mill.



UPM Pulp Responsibility Story

Introduction to UPM Pulp's responsibility approach: http://www.upmpulp.com/responsibility
See how UPM Pulp combines economic, environmental and social factors forming the base of sustainable business in the long term.

Responsibility is constantly present in our daily operations. This is why we include our whole value chain to our approach: from sustainably managed commercial forests and eucalyptus plantations all the way to consumers who ultimately use their products made from pulp. We want to give you the best chance to make a big impression.



UPM Pulp Responsibility Wood

Introduction to UPM Pulp’s responsibility approach: www.upmpulp.com/responsibility
The forests are the source of our most important raw material – wood. The forests also play a crucial role in sustaining life on earth. To ensure the availability of fully traceable and legal wood, UPM Pulp is committed to promoting responsible management and continuous renewal of forests.



UPM Pulp Responsible Production

Introduction to UPM Pulp’s responsibility approach: www.upmpulp.com/responsibility
A pulp mill has an impact on the surrounding environment. It’s up to UPM Pulp’s people and their expertise to mitigate that impact by means of the best available technologies. We are geared to using the least amount of resources. The majority of water, raw materials and chemicals we use are recycled back into the pulp making process or used in bioenergy production.



UPM Pulp Responsibility People

Introduction to UPM Pulp's responsibility approach: www.upmpulp.com/responsibility
UPM Pulp's operations affect the people within and outside of the mill walls. We want to be a good, safety-driven employer and a responsible community member. We listen to our stakeholders and involve them in action.



UPM Pulp Responsibility Proof

Introduction to UPM Pulp’s responsibility approach: www.upmpulp.com/responsibility  We base our operations on trust and transparency. UPM’s performance information from a single product all the way to the corporate level is available and validated by independent organisations. Our consistent efforts in responsibility issues have made us one of the industry leaders in several indices assessing responsibility from different points of view.



UPM Pulp - Get Impressed by Forests

Sustainably managed forests provide us with wood raw material and at the same time they continuously deliver a great variety of other benefits. Have a look and enjoy!



UPM - How do we make pulp

This video presents pulp production process from A to Z starting from the wood raw material.



UPM Fray Bentos mill 10 years in 2017: The spirit behind the opportunities

UPM Fray Bentos mill started operations in the small town in south-western Uruguay in November 2007. In this video local people tell about the economic boost and opportunities created by the mill in the region.



UPM Foundation 10 years

Founded in 2006, the UPM Foundation – Fundación UPM – promotes education and entrepreneurship in cooperation with local communities, organisations and institutions in Uruguay. On the video Magdalena Ibáñez tells about their work and achievements.



UPM Pulp technical experts at your service

UPM Pulp’s technical experts offer advice on the characteristics and features of pulp as well as advanced technical services. They work closely with UPM’s R&D centers with the most modern facilities, like UPM’s Apac R&D centre on this video.



UPM Betula - The Touch of Nordic Magic

UPM Betula is our Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft pulp. Made from birch, UPM Betula is an extremely versatile fibre. It will add a little bit of Nordic magic to your products.



Pulp refined by Biofore

Pulp made of wood from sustainable sources is truly a Biofore product that is renewable, recyclable and energy efficient. UPM produces 3.2 million tonnes of high quality pulp a year in our state-of-the-art pulp mills in Finland and Uruguay. The mills produce more energy than they consume and thus provide CO2-neutral biomass-based electricity. Pulp fulfills the demands of sustainable development and truly communicates everything Biofore stands for: responsibility, innovations and flexibility for multiple end-uses. 



Circular Economy at UPM

At UPM circular economy, in short, means reusing materials and products several times and creating added value through smart solutions. In circular economy, we also avoid generating waste and strive to increase the use of renewable energy and materials.



Responsibility is good business

UPM Biofore - Innovative, renewable and recyclable products for today’s and tomorrow’s end-uses.




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