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Achieve excellent strength with northern softwood pulps


Does your product require excellent strength properties? Look no further – we have just the pulps for you. We manufacture bleached softwood kraft pulp from slow-growing pine and spruce tempered by the demanding Nordic environment. Northern softwood has been the backbone of our business for over 100 years. Take full advantage of our expertise and have your paper, board or tissue just the way you want it.


UPM Conifer

Bright and clean UPM Conifer is our main BSKP grade. With fibres that are long and slender UPM Conifer is great in various end uses that require strength. This softwood pulp has notably fast development of tensile strength during refining.

Use UPM Conifer especially for:

  • Magazine and fine papers
  • Speciality papers
  • Tissue

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View UPM Conifer Pietarsaari technical data (PDF) »

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UPM Conifer Reinforcement

​This premium class pulp is perfect for your reinforcement applications where high tensile strength is essential. UPM Conifer Reinforcement has very fast development of tensile strength during refining. It has high fibre length and tear strength.

Use it especially for:

  • Supercalendered papers
  • Lightweight coated papers
  • Tissue
  • Woodfree speciality papers

View UPM Conifer Reinforcement technical data (PDF) »


UPM Conifer Thin

​UPM Conifer Thin’s exceptionally high fibre count provides a smooth surface and good formation characteristics. The pulp has fast development of tensile strength and internal strength. This pulp is produced from the first thinning wood of pine and spruce that has flexible thin-walled fibres.

Use it especially for:

  • Tissue
  • Specialty papers

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Certificates and sustainability statements

All our certificates and sustainability statements can be found in UPM Certificate Finder.