Story | 12/15/2020 11:06:48 | 1 min Read time

The UPM festive wrap!

Take a look at our favourite sustainable tips to making sure your gifts are fun, sustainable and a joy to wrap.

  1. The outside world is your friend. There are loads of ways to make a present look beautiful and so many of them are free. Dried orange peel, pine cones and even spruced up twigs can make your gift look thought-through, personal and stunning.
  2. Folding in the corners of a toilet roll tube makes the perfect box for small gifts such as earring or jewellery. You can then decorate it and place it on the Christmas tree for an extra surprise.
  3. Any scraps of cardboard can be decorated into a beautiful gift tag for loved ones, while another option is an old jigsaw piece.
  4. Include a hand-written note. We rely on technology for everything today, but a hand-written letter can make a gift ten times better. Just a few lines scribbled on a piece of paper takes five minutes but can make someone’s Christmas.
  5. Use a magazine! Leftover magazines are crisp, colourful and utterly unique. Why not find an image that fits the gift or offers a subtle clue and then wrap your gift in that? There will certainly not be another present wrapped like it in the world.
  6. Make your own wrapping paper! You can simply buy a roll of brown or white paper and get creative yourself. Let your children or party go wild and you are left with unique, creative and personalised paper.
  7. This is a play on the classic snowflakes you used to make out of paper as a child. Well, it is time to dust off the scissors and take a trip down memory lane. These are a fun way to spice up your presents and, like the real thing, each will be utterly unique.


So, there you have it – Christmas can be both fun and sustainable. From everyone at UPM, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy festive season.


Text: Craig Houston

Image: David Thomas