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We offer a comprehensive selection of hardwood, softwood and fluff pulps for demanding tissue, specialty paper, board, printing and writing paper, hygiene paper and other innovative end uses. We’re happy to help whatever your needs.

Hardwood pulps

Hardwood pulps

Based on your preferences, you can choose from two completely different and versatile hardwood grades: Nordic birch and eucalyptus pulps.

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Softwood pulps

Softwood pulps

Use softwood pulps to gain exceptional strength for your end product. Explore the possibilities.

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Fluff pulps

Fluff pulps

Unique offering of boutique fluff pulps for the most demanding hygiene and airlaid industry customers. UPM BioBright and UPM BioBright Airlaid fluff pulps are available from the UPM RaumaCell mill.

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Our portfolio at a glance

Northern Bleached Birch Kraft (NBBK)

UPM Betula

Birch pulp from our Kaukas, Kymi and Pietarsaari mills.

UPM Betula TCF

Totally chlorine-free birch pulp from our Pietarsaari mill.

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Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft (BEK)

UPM Euca

Plantation-grown eucalyptus pulp from our Fray Bentos mill in Uruguay.

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Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) 

​​UPM Conifer

Northern softwood pulp from our Kaukas, Kymi and Pietarsaari mills.

UPM Conifer Reinforcement

Premium northern softwood pulp from our Kaukas mill.

UPM Conifer Thin

Northern softwood pulp from our Pietarsaari mill.

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We offer pulp grades for demanding and innovative end uses

Pulp is one of the most versatile raw materials in the world. What do you want to make with it? Our highly complementary pulp range has something for every need.

Tissue papers

Packaging board

Specialty papers


Printing and writing

Absorbents, hygiene and medical


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All our certificates and sustainability statements can be found in UPM Certificate Finder.