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The pulp mill project in Uruguay is proceeding

at full speed according to the planned schedule. Earth moving, road works and civil works are ongoing, construction of housing continues.

UPM Pulp is now on LinkedIn!

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Press Release 07/28/2020 15:00:00

UPM begins construction of its third state-of-the-art nursery in Central Uruguay

(UPM, Durazno, July 28, 2020, 10:00 GMT-3) UPM begins the construction of its third nursery in Uruguay, located in Central Uruguay, about 10 kilometers from Sarandí del Yí, Durazno. The investment is approximately 25 million dollars, as communicat...

Press Release 06/24/2020 20:00:00

UPM and the El Paso Civil Association have formed an alliance to contribute to the prevention of sexual exploitation

(UPM, Paso de los Toros, 24 June 2020) – UPM and the Uruguayan El Paso Civil Association have agreed to jointly implement a project which aims to help prevent potential sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by developing community networ...

Other news 05/25/2020 11:00:00

Construction of the first housing blocks in Paso de los Toros completed

(UPM, Paso de los Toros, 5 May 2020) As part of the construction of UPM's Paso de los Toros pulp mill in Durazno department in central Uruguay, the housing solutions plan is progressing and the construction of the first housing blocks in Charrúa...

Investor news 05/15/2020 17:40:00

UPM finalizes pending items with the new Government of Uruguay, UPM’s growth project proceeds according to plan

UPM is proceeding at full speed with its investment project in Uruguay and has taken several steps forward. UPM and the new Government of Uruguay have signed a memorandum of understanding on pending items related to UPM’s growth project in Uruguay...


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