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Our experts offer advice on the technical characteristics and features of pulp and furnishes. Achieve cost and energy savings by optimising your refining.

Your local UPM Pulp technical customer representative will be happy to advise you on how to achieve the true potential of the pulps you choose.


Together we find new ways for you to stay ahead of the competition

Local technical experts' support

Technical support based at mills and sales offices.

Better value through science

UPM's global R&D network and research laboratories.

Cooperation across the board

External partners such as machinery suppliers, research institutes and academia.

What to expect from us

Popular services

  • Questions and answers about pulp
  • Pulp benchmarking
  • Quality reports
  • Claim handling
  • Technical data

Advanced services

  • Refining optimisation
  • Total fibre furnish optimisation
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Customer-specific projects and studies
  • Support during trials

If you have a technical question don’t hesitate to contact us

Mats Backman

Mats Backman

Director, Technical Customer Service Tel. +358 40 585 2776
Niklas Keskinen

Niklas Keskinen

Technical Customer Service Manager, Finland Tel. +358 40 585 2781
Harri Haapanen

Harri Haapanen

Technical Customer Service Manager, Europe Tel. +49 172 856 8939
Lili Zhou

Lili Zhou

Technical Customer Service Manager, APAC Tel. +86 21 6448 5565
Xu Wenxia

Xu Wenxia

Technical Customer Service Manager, APAC Tel. +86 21 6448 5565

All e-mail addresses are in firstname.lastname@upm.com format.


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