What is pulp?


Pulp is a clean, wood-based, renewable and biodegradable raw material. It can be used to produce paper, tissue, board and specialty paper – making them truly sustainable bioproducts.


Products made from pulp

Did you know that pulp is also a big part of your everyday life? Here are some examples where pulp is consumed.

  • Napkins, handkerchiefs, towels and toilet rolls
  • Medical papers, baby wipes, diapers and personal hygiene products
  • Filters for coffee and tea, and even in your car
  • Fresh food wrapping, paper bags and paper cups
  • Carton board packaging for solid and liquid products
  • Labels and stickers
  • Newspapers, magazines and books
  • Printouts, receipts, Post-it notes and envelopes
  • Fabrics and clothing
  • Binding agents in foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals


The UPM Pulp way


We have produced pulp for over 100 years and aim to do so also for centuries to come. This is why we take sustainable forestry seriously and make sure forests are renewed and continuously growing.


With your daily choices, you also join us in ensuring the vitality and renewal of forests today and for future generations.