UPM Biodiversity Programme in Eucalyptus plantations - Managing native grasslands for the conservation of Capuchinos

23.8.2013 13:00 EEST

The Capuchino Pecho Blanco is a small migratory bird, native to South America, requiring tall grasslands for nesting and feeding. They arrive in Uruguay in late spring each year to nest and breed, and leave at the beginning of autumn.

Natural grasslands are the most important vegetation type in Uruguay and sustain meat production based on cattle grazing, the main economic activity of the country. However, some of the grasslands have been degraded, posing a threat to species like the Capuchino.

UPM’s Capuchino Conservation Project began near Quebracho in Paysandú, Uruguay, at the end of 2011, in close cooperation with the bird conservation NGO Aves Uruguay. The project is a part of UPM’s global Biodiversity Programme, which aims to maintain and increase the values of biodiversity in the areas under UPM’s management, and to promote sustainable forest management practices.

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