UPM’s Future Professional apprenticeship training begins again at UPM Kymi and Kaukas mills

6.3.2017 17:00 EET

​UPM’s second Future Professional apprenticeship programme began on 6 March with a two-day training period at Vierumäki Resort in Finland. The two-year training programme was applied to by 1,028 applicants, 27 of which were chosen for the programme. Out of these, 17 will carry out their training at UPM Kymi pulp and paper mills and 10 at UPM Kaukas pulp mill.

The Future Professional apprenticeship programme is designed to produce versatile, capable professionals for the pulp and paper industries. Completing the programme will enable working in both process and maintenance duties at UPM pulp and paper mills. The two-year trainee programme aims at a vocational degree in paper industry.

The previous programme, which started in 2014, ended in the spring of 2016. The training, tailored specifically to UPM’s needs, and further, to the needs of UPM Kymi and UPM Kaukas mills, has been found to be a well-functioning way to find committed and skilled new employees.

”Our experiences from the apprenticeship trainee programmes are very positive. 95 per cent of those who have participated so far have since been permanently employed by UPM. During the last couple of years altogether 84 persons have been trained at Kymi and Kaukas. This figure also includes the trainees of the Kaukas swmill and the Future Supervisor programme whereas altogether 75 people have been trained at the pulp and paper mills. Again this year we emphasised the motivation of the applicant for both work and constant development,” describes Hans Nyström, Labour Relations Manager at UPM Kaukas.

The training is apprenticeship-based and is carried out in collaboration with Saimaa Vocational College Sampo. The persons chosen for the training already have a vocational upper secondary education for example in the field of electrical technology, automation technology, machine technology, automotive technology or process technology.

The two-year training programme mainly consists of practical training at work but also includes classroom training. Practical training is emphasised as classroom training only takes up a month each year. UPM offers versatile working opportunities and the chance for effective development in the fields crucial to future professionals in the forest industry.

“One of our most important goals is transferring know-how and experience to a new generation. Many experienced professionals are retiring from the industry in the coming years. We want to be well prepared for the growing need for new personnel. After the training is over UPM wishes to offer the applicants a permanent position at UPM,” says Hans Nyström.

UPM Kymi and Kaukas mills have plans to continue to organising similar training programmes in the future.

For more information please contact:
Labour Relations Manager Hans Nyström, UPM Kaukas, tel. +358 40 705 6477
Labour Relations Manager Seppo Mäkinen, UPM Kymi, tel. +358 40 080 1847
HR Manager Kai Latvala, UPM Kymi and Kaukas, tel. +358 40 589 9508 (Available on 6th March 2017 from 9:00 to 9:30 hrs and after 14:30 hrs.)